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Updated!   May 31 – June 3, 2017

2017 Translation & Transmission Conference

At the University of Colorado, Boulder

Translation and Transmission Conference

May 31 – June 3, 2017
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Tsadra Foundation, in consultation with all the partners, sponsors, conference steering committee members, and speakers from the 2014 Translation & Transmission Conference is proud to announce the second conference in the Translation & Transmission Series, which will take place May 31st to June 3rd, 2017 in Boulder, Colorado. In light of the universal support and positive feedback we received for the previous conference, we feel that it is important to continue the conversation and community building that the 2014 conference facilitated.

The purpose of this conference series is to provide an international forum for sustained dialogue and the sharing of ideas and experiences, as well as for collective reflection on the larger cultural and societal dimensions of the transmission of Tibetan Buddhism to the contemporary sphere. This conference is not a showcase for any single project or institution but an opportunity for all to gather in an open and collegial spirit.

In the spring of 2017 the conference will convene in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, at the Glenn Miller Ballroom, University Memorial Center, May 31st through June 3rd, 2017

Keynote Speakers

Day 1:   Susan Bassnett  (Warwick)
Day 2:  Jan Nattier  (Washington)
Day 3:  José Cabezón  (UCSB)


Translators  –  Day 1

1.   Janet Gyatso  (Harvard)
2.  Anne Klein  (Rice University, Dawn Mountain)
3.  Wulstan Fletcher  (Padmakara, Tsadra)
4.  Karl Brunnholzl  (Nitartha Institute, Nalandabodhi)
5.  Luis Gomez  (University of Michigan)

Translating  –  Day 2

1.  Kurtis Schaeffer  (University of Virginia)
2.  Thupten Jinpa  (Institute of Tibetan Classics)
3.  Elizabeth Napper  (Tibetan Nuns Project)
4.  Sangye Kandro  (Light of Berotsana)

Translations  –  Day 3

1.   John Canti  (84000, Padmakara)
2.  Tom Yarnall  (AIBS, Columbia, Tibet House US)
3.  David Kittelstrom  (Wisdom Publications)
4.  Emily Bower  (Shambhala Publications)

Transmissions  –  Day 3

1.  Karma Lekshe Tsomo  (University of San Diego & Sakyadhita)
2.  Sarah Harding  (Tsadra Foundation, Naropa University)
3.  Yeshe Gyamtso  (Kunzang Palchen Ling, NY)
4.  Ringu Tulku  (Bodhicharya International)

Workshop presenters are still to be invited but will include more than 32 other translators and specialists in Tibetan language.

The program schedule is still being planned and announcements will be made as soon as possible. Please sign up to receive the conference newsletter if you plan to attend or would like more information about the conference.

Registration will open online in late Fall 2016.

If you or your organization wishes to donate to the conference effort or become a sponsor of the conference, please contact

The Conference Steering Committee

John Canti  (Padmakara Translation Group & 84000)
Wulstan Fletcher  (Padmakara Translation Group & Tsadra Foundation)
Holly Gayley  (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Sarah Harding  (Naropa University & Tsadra Foundation)
Thupten Jinpa  (Institute of Tibetan Classics)
Anne Klein  (Rice University & Dawn Mountain)
Marcus Perman  (Tsadra Foundation)
Andrew Quintman  (Yale University)
Kurtis Schaeffer  (University of Virginia)
Tom Yarnall  (Columbia University & AIBS)

Hosted by Tsadra Foundation

Co-sponsored by:

The American Institute of Buddhist Studies
Columbia University Center for Buddhist Studies
Tibet House US
Tibet Himalaya Initiative at CU Boulder
Shambhala Publications

with the support of:

Naropa University, Rangjung Yeshe Institute, Wisdom Publications,
Maitripa College, and the University of Colorado, Boulder


Translating verses for the 2017 Conference!

There are multiple possible translations of any text, all of which can be correct, depending on context, audience, and use. To illustrate this and add to the enjoyment of the conference, we offer some verses to the community of translators.

Submit your version of an English translation and we will post them on a board at the conference for everyone to see. There will be a few prizes for those who offer a translation and anonymous voting for the best version at the conference will allow for a “winner” to be chosen. The physical post will be anonymous. What about a ballad or a rock song version? Be creative!

The Translation Room section will be available soon.

Stay tuned!

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