2017 Conference Program

May  31, 2017


All Day   Speaker-Moderator Prep Meetings

4:30 PM  Registration & Welcome Reception

                  Location: South Terrace in front of the UMC, Boulder Campus

6:00 PM  Opening Banquet & Special Event

                  Location: Glenn Miller BallroomUMC, Boulder Campus

                 Special Evening Event with
                            Thupten Jinpa & Donald Lopez

June 1, 2017


9:00 AM  Keynote Lecture
by Susan Bassnett


11:00 AM  Plenary Session 1:
Translators & Intention

Panelists: Anne Klein, Sangye Khandro, Wulstan Fletcher, and Karl Brunnholzl

4:45 PM  Plenary Session 2:
Approaches to Translation &

Panelists: Luis Gómez, Susan Bassnett, and David Bellos

Discussion Sessions

2:30 PM

  1. Translation Theories Made Practical
  2. Working Together: Approaches to Collaboration & Negotiation
  3. Who Gets to be a Translator? Qualifications & the Question of Authority
  4. The Translator’s Intention: Motivation, Intended Impact, and Why They Matter
  5. Translation:Fidelity vs Innovation

June 2, 2017


9:00 AM  Keynote Lecture
by Jan Nattier


11:00 AM  Plenary Session 3:
Translating: What and How?

Panelists: Kurtis Schaeffer, Thupten Jinpa, Elizabeth Napper, and Janet Gyatso

Discussion Sessions

See below for detailed descriptions of the Translator’s Craft Sessions

See below for detailed descriptions of the
Translator’s Craft Sessions

June 3, 2017


9:00 AM  Keynote Lecture
by José Cabezón


11:00 AM  Plenary Session 4:
Translations in Transmission

Panelists: Karma Lekshe Tsomo, Sarah Harding, Peter O’Hearn, and Ringu Tulku

4:45 PM  Plenary Session 5:
The Editorial Process Throughout
Creation and Completions Stages

Panelists: John Canti, Tom Yarnall, David Kittelstrom, and Emily Bower

Discussion Sessions

2:30 PM

  1. Special Session: Large Scale Projects (Multi-volume, Multi-source-language, and Collaborative Projects): Philological, Technical, and Team Challenges and Solutions
  2. Editing for Practitioners: Presenting Liturgies, Commentaries, and Songs of Realization
  3. Special Session: Translations and Teaching Tibetan Buddhism in the Modern World
  4. Special Session: Publishing Translations: A Q&A With Two Buddhist Publishers
  5. Transmission and Translation: Priorities for the Next 20 Years

Translator's Craft Sessions

Translator’s Craft Sessions are an opportunity to expand your repertoire and delve more deeply into topics relevant to translators of Tibetan texts. Each session will include readings and specific textual references provided before the conference for those who register.

June 2, 2017

Translator’s Craft Session 1

2:30 PM

  1. Kavya in Tibet: A session following from a workshop on Tseten Zhabdrung’s commentary on poetics that was hosted at the Lhatse Library with Gendun Rabsel, Nicole Willock, Andy Quintman, and Kurtis Schaeffer.
  2. Languages of Contemplative Experience: Translating the Worlds of Dzogchen & Mahamudra with Anne Klein, Ken McLeod, and David Germano.
  3. Unique Registers and Specialized Terminology: Sanskrit and the Tibetan Language in Translation with Christian Wedemeyer and Art Engle.
  4. Working with Old Tibetan Sources with Jake Dalton and Brandon Dotson.
  5. Approaches to Transmission in the West: A Discussion with Contemporary Shedra Students with Bob Miller.

June 2, 2017

Translator’s Craft Session 2

4:45 PM

  1. Working with the Medium of the English Language with Thupten Jinpa and Wulstan Fletcher.
  2. Accuracy and Inspiration: Translating Mahamudra Texts with Elizabeth Callahan and Klaus-Dieter Mathes.
  3. Oddities and Curiosities in Tibetan Translation with Dan Martin and Amelia Hall.
  4. Using Technology Skillfully (Resources for Translators) with Kurt Keutzer, Paul Hackett, Dirk Schmidt, Gerry Wiener, Nathan Hill, and Marcus Perman.
  5. Approaches to Transmission in the West: New Voices & Old Traditions with Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, Ari Goldfield, Sarah Plazas, and Gyurme Avertin.

Conference officially ends

SUNDAY, June 4, 2017

(Optional Activities)

Exploring Boulder, CO 



Visit the Great Stupa at Shambhala Mountain Center

Reception at Shambhala Publication’s Headquarters
to celebrate the publication of José Cabezon’s new book: The Just King